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Social change, environmental awareness, and personal development through the sport of sailing.

Sail with a Purpose aims to foster and increase accessibility to the sport of sailing while also providing environmental education and recreational opportunities to underrepresented groups, including women and youth from diverse backgrounds. Core to the program is the inclusion of the Olympic values as part of the development of the future athletes.  

The goal is to achieve social change, environmental awareness, and personal development through the sport of sailing, with Figueroa at the helm of the program serving as an example to follow. By fostering the discipline, commitment, and dedication that distinguish great athletes like Figueroa, and that are necessary for success in school, work, and life, sailing serves as a catalyst for the eradication of poverty.

Through our "Kids Sail Days", which are possible through the donations we receive, we provide the gift of sailing on our Hobie Waves to children who have never experienced the sport before.  It is a magical experience to see how the kids transform after they go out on the ocean.  The energy and the new-found perspective of the ocean is the inspiration of the program.

This program allows us to offer interaction with the ocean and hands-on sailing and environmental conservation opportunities for persons that otherwise would not have access to these experiences. By encouraging knowledge, respect, and love for marine resources and activities, the program also strives to demystify our oceans and increase their protection and enjoyment.

Sail with a Purpose: Programs
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